World Malaria Day 2024
Engagement in Kisumu County, Kenya

Date: 25th April

Location: Paw Teng Primary School, Awasi

The World Malaria Day 2024 was commemorated in Kisumu, Kenya, through impactful initiatives including a podcast titled “Amplifying Voices, Catalyzing Action”. This event, orchestrated by Gavi CSO Constituency and the Kenya Malaria Youth Corps (KeMYC) in collaboration with The Zero Malaria Starts with Me Campaign by Malaria No More UK, focused on the theme “Health Equity, Gender, and Human Rights”. The day was marked by discussions on vaccine efficacy, community engagement, and the pivotal roles of health equity and human rights in malaria prevention.

Key Insights

  1. Vaccine Implementation and Efficacy:
  • The RTS,S malaria vaccine has shown promising results in reducing severe malaria cases among children in pilot regions including Kisumu. Kenya has been a focal point in the vaccine’s pilot programme, which has reinforced its safety and effectiveness.
  • Community insights revealed high acceptance of the vaccine among those who acknowledged its benefits in preventing malaria, though some resistance due to misconceptions about vaccine safety persists.

2.  Community Engagement and Challenges:

    • Discussions highlighted significant community outreach efforts needed to combat myths and improve awareness about malaria prevention.
    • Insights from the End Malaria Council: Hosted by KeMYC,, discussions during the World Malaria Day focused on resource mobilisation for sustainability. 

3. Advocacy for Equity and Rights:

  • The podcast and community conversations underscored the importance of gender-responsive approaches to health and the protection of human rights in health services. The discussions also focused on ensuring equitable access to health interventions, especially for vulnerable groups.

4. Youth and Community Voices:

  • Young leaders played a key role in public health advocacy, aligning with global efforts to involve youth in healthcare strategies. An 11-year-old girl who received the HPV vaccine was featured in a podcast, emphasizing the importance of educating and empowering young girls about vaccinations to help them make informed health decisions.
  1. Role of the Steering Committee:
  • The Steering Committee, represented by Peter Owiti, played a crucial role in organising the day’s events and ensuring that the key messages from Gavi reached the community effectively. Peter Owiti, in particular, was instrumental in facilitating dialogues and shaping the narrative that connected global health initiatives with local community needs.
  1. Multisectoral Collaboration:
  • The event promoted a collaborative approach, involving various stakeholders to foster a united front against malaria and drumming up support for the vaccine. This includes local and national government bodies, non-governmental organisations, and international health organisations

Action Points

  1. Podcast Publication and Promotion:
    • Post-production edits of the podcast will commence on 10th May and will be featured on the Gavi CSO Constituency website. This will help in disseminating the insights gathered during the event and extending its reach.
  1. Continued Partnership with KeMYC:
    • The Kenya Malaria Youth Corps aims to deepen its collaboration with the Gavi CSO Constituency by introducing more Zero Malaria Champions in future podcasts. This initiative will bolster ongoing advocacy efforts and amplify the impact of these voices in malaria elimination.
    1. Collaboration with Malaria No More UK:
    • In partnership with Malaria No More UK’s Power of EveryONE campaign, we plan to use the podcast to elevate community voices at the county level. Further discussions will outline the timelines and resources required, with proposals to be reviewed by the Steering Committee.
  1. Radio and TV talk shows: The experience from the podcast where community based vaccine champions and peers demonstrated the principle of “Nothing for us without us” should provide avenues for engaging media stations with local champions for vaccines rollout and increasing use cases by using the power of the media