Our Civil Society Community is a global network of organisations working to promote immunisation and increase vaccination coverage worldwide. By working together, we can amplify the voices of civil society and help ensure that vaccination programs are equitable and accessible for all.

Messages from the Steering Committee Leadership

Dr. Nizam Uddin Ahmed

Our mission is clear: to help ensure equitable access to life-saving vaccines, particularly for the most vulnerable individuals, families and communities. To achieve this, we need to build stronger collaboration among CSOs at all levels, to support country level service delivery, demand generation, capacity building, and increased funding.

liza barrie
Vice Chair

I am excited to be part of the civil society movement that is confronting the many barriers to equitable vaccine access and fighting to secure global health justice for all people, everywhere.

Call for Applications for New Steering Committee Members​

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🌍📢 Thank you to all Civil Society Organisations who applied to join the Gavi CSO Steering Committee!

We are excited about the incredible interest and look forward to working together to shape policies, advocate for immunisation, and ensure equitable access to vaccines.

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Global Events Highlights


>> 20th June 2024

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, announced its new Investment Opportunity, aiming to protect 500 million children and save over 8 million lives between 2026 and 2030. At a Forum co-hosted by Gavi, the African Union, and France, early pledges of $2.4 billion were made towards the $9 billion goal.The event also launched the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA), securing $1.2 billion to boost regional vaccine production.

Teach to Reach 10: Uniting OVER 60,000 Health Workers for Climate and Immunization Action

>> 20th June 2024

Over 60,000 health workers gathered online for the 10th edition of Teach to Reach, focusing on climate change impacts on health and the future of immunization. 

Highlights included insights from font-line health  workers in hard-hit areas, presentations by WHO leaders, and the launch of the Nigeria Immunization Collaborative.

Updates from the Gavi Board Meeting in June​ 2024

The Gavi Board Meeting resulted in important strategic decisions to amplify the global vaccination agenda. The Board approved the framework for the 2026-2030 Strategy, commonly referred to as Gavi 6.0, and the expansion of Gavi’s portfolio to include tuberculosis, dengue fever, group B streptococcus, hepatitis-E, and mpox

Another key outcome was the approval of the programmatic design of the First Response Fund of the Day Zero Financing Facility for Pandemics and appointment of the Gavi Secretariat as the interim treasury manager of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA) until 31 December 2024

Upcoming Gavi 6.0 Consultations with Civil Society

Gavi’s Funding policy review

>> Date TBD

Gavi is currently undertaking a comprehensive Funding Policy Review (FPR) to align its funding policies with the recently approved Gavi 6.0 strategy and better meet country needs. The review includes the co-financing policy, the Eligibility and Transition Policy (ELTRACO), and the Health System Strengthening (HSS) policy. These revised policies aim to streamline Gavi’s funding approach, enhance effectiveness, and support sustainable immunisation programs. Stakeholder consultations, including those with the CSO constituency, are integral to this process, ensuring diverse perspectives and inputs are considered in policy development.

Steering Committee Reports


12TH AND 13TH JUNE ,2024

The purpose of this technical consultation meeting is to convene stakeholders from across the region to socialize the Lusaka Agenda, develop a Roadmap, and foster collaboration for advancing Africa’s unified voice in the engagement of GHIs anchored in the Lusaka Agenda. This consultation presents an opportunity to harness the collective wisdom and expertise of a diverse range of stakeholders in shaping Africa’s engagement with GHIs.

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Learning Briefs: CSCE Country Case Studies

Engaging CSO’s in the FPP Process in Bangladesh

This case study provides an overview of how CSOs in Bangladesh were engaged in the preparation and submission of proposal (s) to the Equity Accelerator Fund (EAF) approved for 7.9 M USD, with 12% funding allocated to CSOs, since a formal Full Portfolio Planning (FPP) process has not yet begun for Bangladesh. The process of collaborative preparation and submission of the proposal yields a variety of learnings applicable to the future FPP process in Bangladesh and in other contexts.

Engaging CSO’s in The Country Dialogue FPP process in Cameroon

Cameroonian CSO engagement in the FPP country dialogue began in 2022 and concluded in 2023. It resulted in 13% funding allocation and sets a successful precedent for engaging CSOs in a similar fashion in other Gavi countries. This case study offers insights and learnings on enabling factors and areas for improvement. It highlights that for full participation of the right kinds of CSOs for reaching zero dose communities, additional work of identifying, engaging and financing the participation of these CSOs is a must.

Engaging CSO’s in Gavi in the FPP Process in Uganda

While the work has just begun in many ways for CSO engagement in the immunization space in Uganda, the 10% funding allocation under the FPP process was a catalyst for capacity building, comprehension and case building. This case study offers the key recommendation of clearly defining the process of CSO engagement in the FPP process.

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