Civil Society representatives formally created the Gavi CSO Constituency in 2010 to engage CSOs around the globe as important stakeholders to share voices of communities at the policy level.

About The Gavi CSO Constituency

The Gavi CSO constituency is made up of over 450 member CSOs from across the globe. Current Gavi CSO Constituency organisations range from large international and regional NGOs to local and national CSOs. The Constituency also includes a growing number of national paediatric associations and NGO consortiums as well as more technical- and service-delivery oriented agencies. The Gavi-supported national CSO platforms for immunisation and health systems form an important foundation for the CSO Constituency. Country-level platforms or networks are members of the Gavi Civil Society Constituency.

In 2010, representatives from Civil Society established the Gavi CSO Constituency. Their purpose was to involve Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) worldwide as significant stakeholders, enabling them to advocate for community perspectives at the policy level.

Every person is reached with vaccination and basic health services, wherever they are and regardless of their origin, gender and social status, defending the principle of leaving no one behind.

To provide the perspective and voice of the Civil Society for better health outcomes and leverage CSO participation as a catalyst to increase Country-level efforts to improve the level of immunisation coverage, with a focus on hard to reach and underserved populations.


Civil Society and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Engagement and evolution

While CSOs have long played critical roles in supporting immunization services at national and global levels, their role in Gavi were now expanded to better tap the knowledge and influence of CSOs around the world. Since that time, the Gavi CSO Constituency has grown to over 450 CSOs in both the global North and South.

Today CSOs participate in all aspects of the Alliance including in the governance structure through a seat on the Gavi Board and representation on the Program and Policy Committee and the Governance Committee as well as in ongoing task teams.

Civil Society engagement with Gavi is an evolutionary process; our perspectives are increasingly sought by the Alliance and our contributions acknowledged.