GAVI CSO Constituency

Immunisation Today Podcast

Introducing the “Immunisation Today Podcast” – your go-to source for insightful discussions on global immunisation efforts, public health strategies, and advancements in vaccine science. Join us as we explore critical topics surrounding immunisation, from vaccine access and distribution to community engagement and policy development. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, policymaker, researcher, or simply interested in staying informed about current immunisation trends, this podcast is for you.

To inspire innovation and action towards universal vaccine access, fostering healthier communities worldwide.

To drive global dialogue on vaccine equity, raising awareness and championing solutions for improved immunization access.

  • To increase awareness and understanding of the importance of immunisation among various stakeholders, including the general public, civil society organisations, and policymakers.
  • To highlight innovative approaches, best practices, and success stories related to immunisation, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries.
  • To provide a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas among experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders working on immunisation-related issues.