Welcome to the “Hello World” campaign, a digital initiative aimed at introducing online audiences to the Gavi CSO Constituency and raising awareness of its mission and activities.

The “Hello World” campaign aims to showcase the work of the Gavi CSO Constituency and generate interest and engagement among a broad range of stakeholders, including CSOs, donors, policymakers, and the public. Through a variety of online channels, including social media, email, and the Gavi CSO Constituency website, we will share stories, data, and insights that highlight the impact of immunisation and the important role of civil society in advancing global health goals.

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Gavi CSO Constituency

In 2010, civil society representatives took a significant step by founding the Gavi CSO Constituency, aimed at fostering the active participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) globally in shaping policies. This initiative serves to amplify the voices of communities at the policy level, ensuring their perspectives are heard and considered.



The Gavi CSO Constituency welcomes a burgeoning presence of national pediatric associations, NGO consortiums, and agencies specializing in technical expertise and service delivery.



Civil Society Dialogue Series


Civil Society Dialogue Series

Immunization Podcast