International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA) 2023


Civil Society Dialogue Series: The Power and Potential of Civil Society in Building Resilient Health Systems

Location: Mulungushi International Conference Center, Room 2, Old Wing

Date: 29 November | Time: 7-9am CAT


The Gavi CSO Constituency, an integral part of Gavi’s mission to strengthen its CSO networks, has always played an indispensable role in bridging the immunisation gap across the African continent. Their continued efforts, in partnership with CSOs, governments, and other stakeholders, have enabled communities to access life-saving vaccines, even in the remotest parts of Africa. The Civil Society Dialogue Series was conceived as a platform to further this mission. Through these dialogues, the Gavi CSO Constituency and its partners come together to discuss, deliberate, and devise strategies to overcome challenges and optimise immunisation efforts. This session, as a part of CPHIA 2023, seeks to spotlight the significant role of civil society in advancing immunisation initiatives, shaping policies, and reaffirming Africa’s commitment to a fully immunised future.


To accentuate the influential role of civil society in driving immunisation initiatives, shaping policies, ensuring accessibility, and bolstering Africa’s commitment to a fully immunised future.

Expected Outcomes

  • A clear elucidation of the monumental role played by civil societies in shaping Africa’s immunisation agenda in light of African Union’s Agenda 2063.
  • A repository of actionable insights, success stories, and strategies for further enhancement of CSO involvement.
  • A strengthened Gavi Civil Society Constituency aimed at continued collaboration and the realisation of a resilient immunisation infrastructure.
  • Renewed momentum and encouragement for CSOs to play a proactive role in immunisation health initiatives in contribution to the UHC Agenda.